Doctor of medical sciences, professor. The founder of Modern kinesitherapy — an alternative (neurology and orthopedics) method of treatment of chronic diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, in which the target is put not on drugs and wearing corsets, but on the internal reserves of the body and the patient's understanding of own body.
Medical practice: more than 30 years.

"Remember the simple truth, and do not listen to anyone: joints are always treatable, even in the deepest old age"

This doctor claims to cure 18-year-old osteochondrosis in a couple of months. That he will completely cure an old grandmother with the most neglected arthritis in 78 days. And pain in the joints, he says, with the right approach will go away very fast! And, for 48 years of activity, he confirms each statement with practice. Immediately after the broadcast on the TV channel Al Nabaa (on "how to keep the joints at any age"), the famous Professor Valentin Dikul agreed to give us an interview.

— Hello, professor Dikul. Tell me, is it true that the disease of the joints and osteochondrosis - a "mandatory" companions of adulthood?

— Hello, Pamela! Of course, this is not true. Mandatory companions of adulthood - is excessive trust in doctors who treat you for 10 years, but still can not cure. But in fact, the joints, chondrosis and the entire skeleton are amazingly treatable at any age. This is not a miracle, but an ordinary science.

Moreover, if you know the secret and put a little discipline - it is possible to recover even at home and very quickly, which do thousands of my patients

— And what is the secret?

— The secret is to understand why you have that pain. Generally in encyclopedias there are 147 possible reasons for the development of osteochondrosis and osteoarthritis, but the result is one - the joints, the vertebrae and cartilages lose their elasticity, hence the pain. They wear out because of poor blood supply.

That's the secret - restoring blood supply to the joint, we cure it!

— Yes, but it is believed that it is almost impossible to restore blood supply after 45 years?

— It's all nonsense! I pulled myself out of a wheelchair after an accident, and it's worse than 45 years of age.

— Did you pull the others out of the wheelchair?

— And repeatedly. But most of my patients are ordinary people over 40 who developed diseases "with age." They come with very similar problems: osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, radiculitis, nerve pinching. These diseases are exhausting and interfere with life.

They cry, they hurt, they even walk hard. And, it would seem, ordinary people - not athletes and not disabled people. And they complain: "for what, why me?". And I answer: let's not lament, and restore blood supply.

— And how to restore blood supply at this age?

— Until recently, I treated people with the help of movements and a complex of 96 exercises on training machines. This is an extremely effective, but very difficult and long method.
People are in pain, it is difficult, they do not have enough time to visit the gym. I believed that there should be a more modern and easy way - and I found it.

— How interesting! Will you tell about it to our readers?

— I will. Our center was the first in Lebanon to receive certified access to the latest remedy for osteochondrosis and joint pain. I confess to you, when I first heard about it - I just laughed, because I did not believe in its effectiveness. But I was amazed when we completed the test - 4,567 people were completely cured of their sores, which is more than 94% of all people under test. 5.6% felt significant improvements and only 0.4% had no improvement.

— What kind of remedy is it?

I'm talking about special cream «Pantoflex». This is a remedy that allows you to forget about back pain and joints quickly, literally from 4 days, and within a couple of months to cure even very complex cases.

It is produced only in the North-West of Siberia, and the Ministry of Health has spent 1.3 million dollars to develop the recipe. And we, by the way, paid almost 13 million rubles for the right to sell in Lebanon.

— And how does this miracle cream work?

— There is no miracle here, dry science. The cream consists of unique antlers of Altai maral, which contain natural chondroitin and glucosamine, they help to get rid of joint pain and restore their function without surgery.

Even for one application to the affected area, you activate about 930 000 cells that serve the benefit of your blood flow. That's how the treatment works. The main thing here is stability.

— Sounds impressive. Just explain to us what it means for ordinary people with diseases?

— This means that medieval medicine is a thing of the past, and you will be able to cure your diseases at home in a month or two. ""Pantoflex", doesn't freeze, doesn't anesthetize, it "restarts" the body at the cellular level. It eliminates the cause of pain and returns the joints, spine to its original, normal state. The patient does not just get rid of symptoms, but removes the root of the disease - weakened by slow, old cells, blood supply to cartilage..

Already on the first day, the cream starts the regeneration systems of the body. Well, it also relieves pain, you will immediately feel it. In two or three weeks, the treatment will be completed, and, most importantly — to prevent the recurrence of pain, quickly repeating the course.

«Pantoflex» helps only from osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis?

No, I'm telling you: it affects on the cellular level, restoring blood supply. It treats any disease associated with the joints and spine - arthrosis and arthritis, sciatica, rheumatism, radiculitis and osteochondrosis, displacement of the vertebral discs. Sprains, contusions, bruises, broken bones, even plantar callosity- it's surprisingly effective.

— This is a very interesting remedy. And the thing, that it truly gets rid of all of these diseases, and not simply relieves pain

«Pantoflex» eliminates pain (in the initial stages of treatment), and completely eliminates the disease. Understand me correctly - I love physical education and sport, and I will not stop trainings, but for the most part of patients this is the most simple, effective and available way of treatment.

— I think many will ask: where can I buy?

We wanted to start large-scale sales in pharmacies - but we can not agree with pharmacists, because it can harm their business. People buy their drugs for years, and the number of patients is only rising, and this situation is satisfying for them.

So now we sell exclusively on the official website.
But there are also advantages - we sell it without intermediaries, and this allows us to put the price 5 times lower than it is sold in other countries.

Delivery is made by mail, cash on delivery, and you don't need the specialist's control for using it— it's a home treatment. However, don't take my word for it. Try drugs from other manufacturers. But I am sure that you will not find anything, even remotely similar to the «Pantoflex» by its effectiveness.

— Professor, thank you for the interview! Maybe you want to say something to our readers before we say goodbye?

Yes! Yes, certainly. I want to draw the readers' attention to the fact that diseases of the back and joints "grow younger", and even weak periodic pain — a reason to pay attention to the problem. The doctor will not persuade you to be treated.

And remember: diseases that occur due to pain in the back and joints, do not just bring discomfort. They shorten life by 10-15 years.

— P.S.: After the interview, we asked professor Dikul for a favor. And for our readers it is now possible to order the cream "Pantoflex" with an additional discount and forget about diseases associated with joints and spine.

Interviewed By Pamela
Photo from open sources
Missis Smit
I had osteochondrosis.I had and lost....for 30 days all was gone! Thanks to country for such miracle! And You, professor, good, strong person, you experienced so much. And fire, and water, as they say, and copper pipes! Keep it up! All the best and good luck to all!
19 minutes ago
Accidentally came across this article. And what I see!! They tell about our orthopedic cream. Well, i mean not mine, but I bought it for my husband. He doesn't know what I'm writing here, but I'll share it. Well this is also my joy, even more-it's fully my happiness! In short, I read the reviews too, searched everything and ordered this cream. As my husband has already despaired. He drank pills, and went for a massage, that caused stomach problems, we decided what to do next. And here in general began to use this cream and now cheers! My love doestn't have any problem, he's back in the family again vigorous and active!
21 minutes ago
I've tried to cure radiculitis for decades and all in vain. I decided to try the cream, which was told by the professor, back pain was gone in 4 weeks. Now I run like a young man.
25 minutes ago
I use this cream for six months (a friend brought). I cured arthrosis in a month, and now I always keep it in the first aid kit, just in case.
27 minutes ago
In our friend's private pharmacy this cream is 3 times more expensive, so I did not dare to buy, didn't want to spend money. And here I saw their price and immediately ordered because the pension allows to pay so much. Spurs on feet become less with every day, but first it seemed like ususal cream.
30 minutes ago
Read the article and immediately decided to order to try the cream. The fact is that the usual drugs helped me for a while — osteochondrosis, as I was told, is difficult to cure. Now I tell about the results. The cream came very quickly. Very soon I felt relieved that I could not help but write about it here. Thank you very much, now at least I can live normally!
34 minutes ago
Read the first opinions and decided to order too. When it comes, I'll write about the results.
39 minutes ago
It's wonderful! I use the cream for three weeks, all the back pain is gone, withers began to decrease! May luck always accompany your project!
42 minutes ago
I always endured and thought that I could not get rid of the pain in my knees. Now I think to order this cream, and maybe it will help.

an hour ago
And it's not a trick? Why do they sell on the Internet?
an hour ago
Gael, haven't you read the article at all? They sell on the Internet , because in pharmacies there are grabbers and want to earn some money! And how can there be a trick, if payment is after receipt? I ordered - the courier brought me and only then I paid. At the post office - the same, there is also a payment upon receipt. And on the Internet now everything is sold - from clothes and shoes to equipment and furniture.
an hour ago
I read the reviews and realized that it is necessary to take ) I'm going to make an order..
2 hours ago
You may not believe me, I had the same problem with my back too, a constant decline in strength, completely lost interest in life, already despaired and then appeared this orthopedic cream, it's just a miracle, I advise everyone.
2 hours ago